The Academy of High Performance Teams helps leadership teams become more than a collection of individuals who have meetings.

We support teams to improve collaboration to solve complex issues which demand the collective leadership of the whole team.

New Teams

Introducing a new leader or several new members to the team

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Existing Teams

Reimagining new ways of working in response to emerging business challenges and changing operating models

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Teams in Trouble

Resetting and rekindling team spirit

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Are you a team or a meeting?

Most teams aren’t teams. They are meetings (or sometimes they are so big that they are mini-conferences).

They communicate decisions that have usually already been decided offline. We believe teams have different characteristics.

The stages of leadership team performance

Where is your team?

Stages of leadership team performance

  • Stage 1: Competition
  • Stage 2: Communication
  • Stage 3: Coordination
  • Stage 4: Cooperation
  • Stage 5: Collaboration
  • Stage 6: Co-Creation
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Stages of leadership team performance

We create high performing teams by developing six areas

Our framework

High performing teams pay attention to:

  1. Purpose
  2. Team wellbeing
  3. Team mandate
  4. Team priorities
  5. Ways of working
  6. Engaging with the organisation
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Latest Key Ideas

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